Transition to OpenBSD 5.5

BSDCan, Ottawa, May 15th 2014

Peter N. M. Hansteen

Table of Contents
The Format Of This Session
Where To Find These Slides Online
What Is OpenBSD?
OH! The Firewall OS?
Easing into the practical side
Packages vs Ports
Basic configuration
Patches and maintenance - Warning!
Patches, maintenance: Going -stable
Desktop follies: Feeding the hungry browser
Desktop follies: feeding (part 2)
The Major News In OpenBSD 5.5
Major OpenBSD 5.5 News (continued)
Upgrading to OpenBSD 5.5
Upgrading to OpenBSD 5.5 (cont)
time_t trouble?
The New Traffic Shaping
Upgrading: The oldqueue trick
The installer now does autoinstall (unattended)
Release sets, packages and patches are signed
Rewritten /boot, relocated during upgrade
Changed or removed daemons, components
Known Changes in OpenBSD 5.6
References and resources