Upgrading to OpenBSD 5.5 (cont)

After rebooting into the upgraded system, run sysmerge. sysmerge with no arguments runs well if you have up to date source code around, otherwise feed it the etc and xetc sets, ie cd to where the sets are, run

sudo sysmerge -s etc55.tgz -x xetc55.tgz

If you get the warning about unknown keys, tell it to ignore this once. You may want to remove the files mentioned in http://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade55.html#RmFiles

Once you've rebooted, you can start reinstalling your packages:

pkg_add -z -l /root/pkg_list_manual
pkg_add -za -l /root/pkg_list_full

But simply pkg_add pkgname will work too.