The installer now does autoinstall (unattended)

Yes, we have automated, unattended installs:

Start with setting up per machine in your DHCP server's /dhcpd.conf

           host puffy1 {
             hardware ethernet 52:54.00:12:34:56;
             filename "auto_install";
             option host-name "puffy1";

This fetches http://dhcp-server.your.domain/52:54.00:12:34:56-install.conf from your DHCP server, optionally use next-server to specify other server

A matching response file (matching installer questions and valid responses) would look something like

           System hostname = puffy1
           Password for root = $2a$08$2swYH2hbK.os63yBmzPZpeiN3/d22aoXwS8iVfY4FH/.3CHKS2gy2
           Change the default console to com0 = yes
           Which speed should com0 use = 19200
           Setup a user = peter
           Password for user = $2a$08$YaMxmVPxSBxjm5bqmS5nXu6vz7WySSlnWfP7TlUvnumnVDyu/P5sK
           Public ssh key for user = ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDCjzReVFYIS6K9IZ3rFqTkV78zHJcjqv6Qw94kDSV5WgT9xpb564xN5dyMSrY3iiOw1/qfF+gbvkpfAzJOd0QWSfRB/7J26kptX18aR4dBIbYY0rXOh6N+ypu4yIZ9fYAq/iWYut3+XD9jLT8W88Tr//k8XNnjXFspCIjzbx3r4irACOgwk44+1Wk9Bff6cL9WBQRKJtFNLBA9qAQS2iMBgc5YVNTzzALhEobV/fUQT2CwMRhOdQJdyRgfpnGtf68gQRDppo7BiAELafjbydze42aMb3qQNv8lxVRA/F49mMp+6EN3Ezg/5QZyJZSc/JlaeH5/MLAazoO9fvEbGuxv
           What timezone are you in = Europe/Oslo
           Location of sets = http
           Server =

The result looks something like this: [Demo at].

Once you're done with the host, change the host stanza to something else (perhaps use auto_upgrade instead).