Transition to OpenBSD 5.6

EuroBSDCon, Sofia September 26th, 2014 (preliminary notes)

Peter N. M. Hansteen

Table of Contents
The Format Of This Session
Where To Find These Slides Online
What Is OpenBSD?
OH! The Firewall OS?
OpenBSD Actually Removes Stuff
Easing Into the Practical Side
Packages vs Ports
Basic Configuration
Basic Configuration - Environment
Patches, Maintenance: Going -stable
Desktop Follies: Feeding the Hungry Browser
Desktop Follies: Feeding (part 2)
The Major News In OpenBSD 5.6
Upgrading to OpenBSD 5.6
After the First 5.6 Reboot
No More FTP Support In the Installer
The /etc directory cleaned up
ALTQ Removed
smtpd the Default MTA
apache httpd removed from base
sshd: weak and broken ciphers, modes and hashes disabled in default config
Kerberos Removed
BIND Removed
Userland ppp Removed
tcpwrappers Removed
rmail and uucpd removed
rcp removed
Java on i386 (32 bit) Resurrected
OpenBSD 5.6 is LibreSSL's debut release
relayd Now Has PF-Like Filtering Grammar
ifconfig Changes IPV6 Configuration Defaults
What Was the Major News In OpenBSD 5.5?
Known Changes in OpenBSD 5.7
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