Patches, Maintenance: Going -stable

After installing the 5.6 release, you will want to go to -stable:

  1. Fetch the source. Untar src.tar.gz and sys.tar.gz; or use anonymous CVS:

    cd /usr ; cvs -d get -rOPENBSD_5_6 -P src

    The stable CVS branch already has the patches.

  2. Go to, fetch patches and read the first lines of each:

    For example, open in a browser. If you fetched the source via CVS, verify that the changes are in your tree by reading the patch.

  3. Follow the instructions on the top of each patch.

Check, so far 1 patch for OpenBSD 5.6.

Main reference:

If you have lots of systems (for your values of lots): Fetch source, build a -stable release(8), run upgrades off install56.fs or bsd.rd and sets.