Queues for DMZ: queue definitions

Introducing traffic shaping to the network from Physical Separation: The DMZ:

queue ext on $ext_if bandwidth 2M
        queue ext_main parent ext bandwidth 500K default
        queue ext_web parent ext bandwidth 500K
        queue ext_udp parent ext bandwidth 400K
        queue ext_mail parent ext bandwidth 600K

queue dmz on $dmz_if bandwidth 100M
        queue ext_dmz parent dmz bandwidth 2M
                queue ext_dmz_web parent ext_dmz bandwidth 800K default
                queue ext_dmz_udp parent ext_dmz bandwidth 200K
                queue ext_dmz_mail parent ext_dmz bandwidth 1M
        queue dmz_main parent dmz bandwidth 25M
        queue dmz_web parent dmz bandwidth 25M
        queue dmz_udp parent dmz bandwidth 20M
        queue dmz_mail parent dmz bandwidth 20M

Note the queues defined on each of the interfaces.