Where to find the tutorial on the web

Work in progress edition:

Several formats http://home.nuug.no/~peter/pf/

This is where updated versions will appear more or less in the natural course of tinkering, in between events. Please let me know if you want to be told of future updates. That page usually also contains links to the latest version of the slides belonging to the somewhat more extensive PF tutorial.

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NoteThe Book of PF

The Book of PF, by the same author, was initially published by No Starch Press at the end of 2007, and was succeeded by the second edition in November 2010, and again updated for a third edition in 2014. The book is an expanded and extensively rewritten followup to the tutorial, and covers a range of advanced topics in addition to those covered here. You can buy it through the first link and let me have a slightly larger amount for that copy and sooner, or you could go to The OpenBSD Bookstore.