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This is a fairly static set of pages. If you want to know what I'm up to, my blog over at http://bsdly.blogspot.com has occasional musings and some description of events.

For info on The Book of PF, third edition, up to date with OpenBSD 5.6 (or the previous The Book of PF, second edition or even The Book of PF, 1st edition), check the latest at the No Starch Press web site. The book evolved from the Firewalling with PF manuscript, a moderately successful conference and online tutorial (with now more than 200,000 unique visitors as measured in logged host names). Here is a shorter talk on PF, with a slant towards the up to date (OpenBSD 4.7/4.8) features: PF, the OpenBSD Packet Filter, originally presented at the BSD-DK annual meeting in Copenhagen, August 18, 2010.

Recent talks: OpenBSD and you (How to have fun with the world's most important software project).
The rewritten (2017-2022) PF tutorial (with Massimiliano Stucchi and Tom Smyth).

If you're interested in the slow bruteforcing botnet I ended up calling The Hail Mary Cloud, slides for my talk on the phenomenon are available here, with a blog post version available here. A newer presentation (from the Passwords 2014 conference, with some additional info on pop3 and wordpress groping) is available here.

I'm fairly active in the Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group, I'm a long time member of Elektronisk forpost Norge (EFN - a sister organization of the US Electronic Frontier Foundation), and from March of 2004 to March 2009 I served on the the board of NUUG, the Norwegian Unix User Group, USENIX affiliated). In March of 2006, I was made vice president of NUUG (conveniently while I was away at UKUUG Spring 2006).

If you have comments on anything I've published, please send me an email (peter at bsdly dot net).

My resume (CV) is available here. Please read this first if you think I'm taking too long to respond to your email.

Spammers: I would love to see you put the addresses on this page at the top of the list for your next spam run. Worth reading if you think you have been spammed from here, too.

System administrators and researchers: On the Name And Shame Robot page, you will find log extracts generated by the activities of machines that tried to send mail to our spamtrap addresses during the 24 hours up to the time the log dumper script started.

For some further information about the lists generated, please see he blog posts Badness, Enumerated by Robots (2018) Maintaining A Publicly Available Blacklist - Mechanisms And Principles (April 2013) and In The Name Of Sane Email: Setting Up OpenBSD's spamd(8) With Secondary MXes In Play - A Full Recipe (May 2012), and finally The Things Spammers Believe - A Tale of 300,000 Imaginary Friends, which is also available in a trackerless version.

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My resume aka CV can be found here, as html or as PDF.